A Natural Daily Solution For Relief of Severely Dry, Itchy, Irritated Skin

Name: Mary Elizabeth Rotondo
Birth Date: October 2011
Hometown: Inverness, FL
Use: Management of Ichthyosis Symptoms


Quality of Life Improvement 

Mary Elizabeth was diagnosed with ichthyosis after a scheduled C-Section at Spring Hill Regional Hospital. My wife was in severe pain and incoherent when the doctors told me my baby girl had a rare skin condition and may not survive the next 48 hours due to sepsis. Her skin was fragile like a wet paper bag, and doctors thought she may be deaf, as her ear drums were not visible. The following week entailed intense, specialized care that would set the stage for her daily struggles for the rest of her life. Mary Elizabeth is unable to regulate her own body temperature and is very susceptible to over-heating or hypothermia. As her body struggles to regulate itself, she produces as much skin in one day as a normal child would in one week. Managing Mary Elizabeth’s skin requires constant daily lubrication and cleansing routines to keep her clean and prevent infection. Frequent infection prevented us from keeping her in day care, and we keep her under constant in-home care. Helping Mary Elizabeth relax for a full night of sleep is big a priority for her health and happiness, as she is often uncomfortable in her own skin.

Experiencing MicroSilk®

Our dermatologist suggested bathing Mary Elizabeth in a new microbubble bath that he thought may help manage her skin and relax her. After her first bath at the clinic in the fall of 2012, Mary Elizabeth’s skin was visibly improved—layers of hard skin were easily removed, and her skin was moist. Usually restless and irritated, she slept the whole car ride home peacefully. We began to commute to Tampa once each week, as the nights after taking the bath were her most peaceful nights of sleep. The quality of her skin after the bath was noticeably better and the bath helped to exfoliate and moisturize her skin. The difference was so remarkable; it was a dream to think we could have this bath in our home!

Life with MicroSilk®

We installed a MicroSilk® bath in our home in April of 2013. Family members have noticed how much better Mary Elizabeth’s skin looks, and the little girl who used to cry at bath time now runs to the bathroom and calls out “bath”! MicroSilk® has been a wonderful tool to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize Mary Elizabeth’s skin and she has not had a single infection since we got our bath! The bath helps her relax and sleep comfortably each night. Bathing in MicroSilk® has become an important part of our daily skin treatment routine.

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