A Natural Daily Solution For Relief of Severely Dry, Itchy, Irritated Skin

Name: Maverick Harris
Birth Date: October 2012
Hometown: Lubbock, TX
Use: Management of Eczema Symptoms


Quality of Life Improvement

Maverick’s skin started to break out within a few weeks of birth. His cheeks became red and dry and eventually started to weep. We attempted to treat the rash at home with over-the-counter steroid creams, lotions, and free and clear laundry soap. Nothing helped. The rash soon spread to his entire body. It was in his hair, ears, eyelids and covered most of his back and legs. Mav was always itching—in the car seat, in bed or simply being held. Mav wiggled all the time to try to get relief. By the time Mav was 4 months old, we had been to a dermatologist and allergist, and he was placed on 5 different steroid creams, 4 different antibiotics, oral steroids and 4 different antihistamines.

With all the antihistamines he was on, Mav was sedated most of the time. He would wake up to drink a bottle, but that was about it. When Mav was 9 months old we got Early Childhood Intervention involved due to his delayed development from sedation. He was unable to crawl, sit up on his own or attempt to eat food. Eventually, the rash turned to open, weeping wounds. Mav was admitted to the hospital for a week due to an infection to one of the sites. When Mav was 10 months old, a biopsy was done and the result came back eczema. At that time our only relief, what little it did give, was bleach baths, wet-to-dry wraps 3 times per day, and sedation.

Experiencing MicroSilk®

My husband’s employer told a salesperson at Morrison Supply about Maverick, and the next day we were in contact with them. They allowed us to come to the showroom and use the tub as often as we needed. We bathed Mav twice a day for one week to see the difference. I stopped all medication and only used lotion after the bath. Within 5 days, Mav’s sores stopped weeping and started to heal. His skin was actually soft to the touch. Mav was sleeping through the night without the sedative medication. He was able to stay awake longer during the day and showed progress on developmental milestones. We continued to use the tub in the showroom until Mav’s skin was almost healed completely.

Life with MicroSilk®

Maverick gets a bath almost every day. We only use lotion after, no more steroid creams. Mav is walking and talking. We only use the antihistamines when the weather is bad and his allergies are flared. He is no longer “wiggly” - he is calm and doesn’t itch anymore. Mav is happy all the time now!

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