A Natural Daily Solution For Relief of Severely Dry, Itchy, Irritated Skin

Name: Emily Ross
Birth Date: May 2006
Hometown: Maumelle, AR
Use: Management of Eczema Symptoms


Emily was diagnosed with eczema in 2008 when she was 2 years old. Initially, the eczema started on the back of her hands, knees and the bends of her arms. As Emily got older, her eczema spread from her scalp down to her feet. The only parts of her body not affected were the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. For a few years, Emily’s daily regimen included steroid creams and other lotions six times per day, a bleach bath at night, wet pajamas and strong antihistamines. Despite these efforts, Emily had extreme difficulty sleeping due to her severe itching. For the past year, she was unable to sleep through the night, often waking up for 5 hours to scratch her skin. Emily’s struggle with eczema greatly affected her mood, and she began seeing a counselor to help cope with the anxiety and sadness that comes with chronic itching and sleep deprivation.

Experiencing MicroSilk®

October 2012 marked the beginning of Emily’s hardest months with eczema, and she and I went on our routine visit to the allergist. The allergist mentioned another mother who had a child much like Emily. He told me that she had found a hydrotherapy tub that greatly improved her child’s symptoms. I gave my number to the doctor, and the mother called me that week. When she told me about MicroSilk®, I went to Falk Plumbing Supply, and they allowed Emily to bathe in their showroom display bath.

The first time I took Emily for a MicroSilk® bath, she slept through the night for the first time in many months. Falk Supply allowed Emily to bathe in the showroom every day for a few months. We continued to see huge relief of her symptoms after she bathed in MicroSilk®, including less itching, improved sleep and less frequent staph infections.

Life with MicroSilk®

In March of 2013, we installed our own MicroSilk® bath. I have seen drastic improvement in Emily’s skin. It is much less red, less itchy, and she does not have any more “open” areas of dry, cracked skin. She currently takes 2 baths a day, and she only takes one medication at night. She sleeps through the night and says she feels like a, “regular person.” She's had 1 day since we purchased the tub that she flared, but we were able to manage the symptoms with additional baths. As you can see she is doing so great! Emily’s mood and ability to function have improved tremendously, as has the quality of life for our whole family. It is, for us, a miracle!

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