A Natural Daily Solution For Relief of Severely Dry, Itchy, Irritated Skin

Name: Alayna Jones
Birth Date: March 2004
Hometown: England, AR
Use: Management of Eczema Symptoms 


Alayna was diagnosed with eczema at 6 months of age in September of 2004. Her condition became agitated, and she was scratching constantly. She was seeing a therapist once a week for anxiety and behavior therapy in addition to taking a 10mg dose of Buspar twice per day, 10 teaspoons of Hydroxyzine (an antihistamine), Prilosec, and 5mg of Singulair per day.

Experiencing MicroSilk®

We installed our MicroSilk® bath in March of 2012 and after just 4 nights of bathing in the MicroSilk®, Alayna got out of the tub and said her skin felt so good that she didn’t want to take her medicine. I told her she could try. Within about 2 weeks of bathing in MicroSilk®, we took her off the Buspar and eventually took her off all the Hydroxyzine and quit her therapy! I kept only the Singulair and her Prilosec for “regular” allergies and acid reflux. Her skin had made incredible improvements, and she was sleeping peacefully. We wanted to try to improve the quality of the skin on her face and began using the MicroSilk® hand wand in April of 2012. She looks beautiful after using the wand; her face looks healthy and milky white.

Life with MicroSilk®

Alayna looks and feels wonderful. If she gets itchy during the day, she heads straight for her tub. She can now play outside because we know her skin can be relieved with just a 20-minute bath in MicroSilk®! I am a realist and know that she may have to take medicine from time to time. She was completely off her medicine until June, which marks the beginning of her toughest season with allergies. I started giving her a little Hydroxyzine again -- she is now taking only 2 teaspoons per day. I’m hoping that, when all the harvesting is finished around us, we can go back to no medicine again, but she was taking so much, that anything less is a victory! Our doctor is thrilled! We are thrilled. If we had not found MicroSilk®, I don’t know if her skin would have ever been healed enough during the summer months for that to have been possible!

Update January 2015

Alayna still soaks in her bath everyday - she says it relaxes her so much, she can't sleep without it! We were even able to get her a dog! We've come a long way. Eczema seems like a distant memory, and I honestly never thought it would.

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