Improved Mobility and Pain Relief

Name: Mary DeLoach
Birth Date: December 1955
Hometown: Harrisonville, MO
Use: Management of Mobility and Pain Relief Symptoms


Quality of Life Improvement

I have always been an active person. From supporting autism awareness  and keeping up with my son,to water skiing on the lake, I like to do it all. One day, I fell down steps outside my kitchen door. My left foot turned sharply, and immediately I knew that a lot of damage was done. My examination revealed torn ligaments and tendons in my left foot and ankle. I had surgery, and as a result, I could put no weight on my left side for 3 months and depended on a wheelchair, crutches, and others to help me get through my day-to-day tasks. Even after being faithful with physical therapy and keeping weight off, I was still in incredible pain. To avoid a life of pain medication and steroids, I had a second surgery a year later and wore a boot on my leg for a year thereafter. Six years later, I walked without a boot, but end each day with pain in my left foot and ankle. It is hard for me to maneuver even slight changes in terrain and my pre-injury active lifestyle is not fully restored.

Experiencing MicroSilk®

I tried MicroSilk® for the first time in August and was amazed at what happened about ten minutes into my treatment. My left ankle seemed as though there was movement inside the ankle. The ankle pain had recently flared up from walking on the beach, and the area had been swollen for a week. The MicroSilk® treatment was amazing. Afterward, I could move my ankle in directions that I haven't been able to since my last surgery 6 years ago!

Treatment 2: October 2012

I went back for a second treatment and was once again amazed by the results. I felt increased mobility in my left ankle joint for much longer than the first time. After I had the MicroSilk® treatment, I went on an errand and, unfortunately, had to park a long way away — a distance that would typically cause discomfort and pain; however, I had NONE of the problems I usually have in walking that distance. In fact, there were some hills and uneven surfaces to maneuver, but I got there without the swelling and pain that usually accompanies these types of activities.

Life with MicroSilk®

It works miracles and is the best thing I have encountered for problems with my ankle. It is so much better than having to take medicine for the pain. It’s amazing how long the pain relief lasts. I love this product — there is real therapeutic value.

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