Daily Pain Relief for Joints and Inflammation

Name: Cathy Bricker
Birth Date: December 1955
Hometown: Harrisonville, MO
Use: Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms


Quality of Life Improvement

I installed a Jason MicroSilk® bath in a private room of my Harrisonville Winnelson plumbing showroom in the spring of 2011. Two months later, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. RA is a long-term disease that leads to inflammation of the body's joints and surrounding tissues. My pain is mainly in my hands, arms, and neck. There are times it flares up in my whole body, and I literally feel sick.

My physician prescribed several prescription treatments with each of them causing side effects. I had already used the MicroSilk® tub, but this diagnosis caused me to explore the MicroSilk® technology on a personal level for a natural alternative to the prescriptions.

Experiencing MicroSilk®

I began using the MicroSilk® bath on a regular basis (at least every other day), and my symptoms improved greatly. Now, I am not taking any medication for my arthritis and continue to use the MicroSilk® bath on a regular basis. I still have occasional flare ups, and when I do, I use the bath every day. I'm not going to say I don't still have occasional aches and pains, but MicroSilk® has definitely  made  rheumatoid arthritis manageable, and it's so much better than using strong prescriptions. I love to machine quilt, and I don't think I could without my soaks in the MicroSilk® bath.

MicroSilk® and My Community

I have had many people use the Jason MicroSilk® bath in my showroom, and each and every one of them saw an improvement in some form. One of my customers used the bath one time, and it cleared up her dermatitis. A pregnant customer  asked to use the bath, and it helped her sleep, so she used MicroSilk® throughout her pregnancy for relaxation and deeper sleep.

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Jason's hydrotherapy baths naturally restore your body and mind to wellness and balance in a simple 20-minute bath cycle. No additives, no prescriptions, no appointments, just air, water and you, in perfect relaxation. 

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