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The story of the Microsilk® bathtub really starts with the birth of the home hydrotherapy industry in the 1950’s. It was then the Jacuzzi family found that necessity is the mother of invention when they designed the first in-home whirlpool pump for a family member with rheumatoid arthritis. (Imagine it submerged into the bath water and plugged into an outlet!)

Two companies, six bathtub collections, four hydrotherapy types, and goodness knows how many jetted tubs later, their passion for innovation and dedication to better living through bathing brought us this latest cutting edge technology.hydrotherapy figure

Who is Jason®?

Jason® Hydrotherapy is a family owned bathtub manufacturing company established in 1982 by Remo Jacuzzi and his immediate family. Jason is a contraction of the words JAcuzzi and SON to form the name Jason.

The Jacuzzi family legacy of hydrotherapy first started in 1956 with the need to help improve the health of their own family member who suffered from severe rheumatoid arthritis. This first home hydrotherapy pump birthed an industry.

After the family sold their first bath business (and the use of their iconic name) to a large conglomerate, Remo Jacuzzi decided to return to the values and philosophy developed in the original family business and founded Jason International, Inc. 

Today, Jason® Hydrotherapy remains true to the innovative spirit and craftsmanship inspired by the generation that came before us.   Our continued mission is to improve health and well-being of our customers through bathing. 

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Jason Hydrotherapy

Jason Hydrotherapy

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Achieve Wellness Naturally

Jason's hydrotherapy baths naturally restore your body and mind to wellness and balance in a simple 20-minute bath cycle. No additives, no prescriptions, no appointments, just air, water and you, in perfect relaxation. 

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