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A facial for your entire body.

theexperience modelThe experience of a MicroSilk® bath is like no other jetted or soaking bath you have ever experienced. Unique, not just in its amazing benefits, but also in the gentle, relaxing, and effervescent sensation it provides. It is like a facial for your entire body – including your face and scalp when you use the MicroSilk® bath wand.

After filling the bath with warm water, the press of a button starts the MicroSilk® pump. From a single port on the sidewall of the bath a thick stream of oxygen-rich microbubbles starts immersing into bath water. Within two minutes, the entire bath is filled with a cloud of wet oxygen. Without any added chemicals, the water texture has changed to feel silky.

As the microbubbles implode under the water they create heat energy allowing the water to maintain its temperature and even climb a degree or two. This allows for an improved “sauna effect” opening pores and relaxing tired muscles without the need to continually add more warm water.

The ultra-tiny (less than 2000th of an inch!) microbubbles start the process of naturally cleansing and moisturizing your skin. The negatively charged bubbles enter your pores, bond to impurities and gently lift them away, leaving your skin fresh, clean, and moisturized.

At the water’s surface, wisps of what looks like steam appear. This is not steam or smoke. This is an infusion of negatively charged ions wafting into the air surrounding your bath. These anions, released from the negatively charged microbubble implosions, are nature’s antidepressants. They are known to improve serotonin levels in the brain promoting relaxation, deeper sleep and a greater sense of well-being.

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Jason's hydrotherapy baths naturally restore your body and mind to wellness and balance in a simple 20-minute bath cycle. No additives, no prescriptions, no appointments, just air, water and you, in perfect relaxation. 

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