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Every day 10,000 people turn 65 in the United States[i] and this will continue for the next 8 years! This wave of baby boomers has overwhelmed the traditional retirement living options and forced people to live at home. The stay at home remodel has had many names; handicap accessible, barrier free, aging in place, living in place, and now Smart Design, which is the practice of designing one’s home so that the owner can live safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of their age, income, or ability level.[ii]

While there are many facets of Smart Design, the focus of this article is on bathing and bathroom design, specifically the advantages of Walk-In bath tubs and the many benefits of a Jason Vivere® Walk-In bath in your bathroom renovation.

MicroSilk® and Smart Design

One of the features that separates a Jason Walk-In tub from all others is the ability to order the tub equipped with MicroSilk®. Jason’s MicroSilk® technology was the first microbubble hydrotherapy system introduced into the luxury bathing market. When activated, the MicroSilk® system supersaturates bath water with a cloud of billions of tiny oxygen rich microbubbles. Below, I’d like to highlight some of the benefits that MicroSilk® hydrotherapy provides the bather.

Cleanses and hydrates more effectively

MicroSilk® microbubbles help to clean and hydrate the body more effectively than just a standard bath. The microbubbles are drawn into your skin’s pores, drawing out dirt and impurities while leaving behind oxygen rich water in its place to rehydrate and plump your skin. Proper skin hydration is really important as we age because dry skin tends to be more brittle, bruising and tearing more easily.[iii] Furthermore, since the bather is submerged in the oxygen rich water this also means that the microbubbles are helping to clean areas that might be harder to get to as well. When paired with a MicroSilk® shower wand, cleaning and rehydrating the face and scalp with microbubble rich water is also easy and convenient.

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Maintains bath temperature

Other types of hydrotherapy require a heater to keep bath water warm, MicroSilk® actually maintains your bath’s temperature on its own. As the microbubbles collapse on themselves they release heat energy which not only maintains your bath temperature, but also increases it by about 1 degree every 20 minute cycle. Additionally, since the microbubbles penetrate deep into your skin, MicroSilk® actually warms your body more effectively, raising your core temperature. This is convenient because that means as your bath water drains from the Walk-In tub, your body will maintain its warmth more efficiently since your core temperature is higher.

Helps to enhance serotonin levels and neutralize free radicals

As Jason MicroSilk® microbubbles collapse they release therapeutic levels of negatively charged ions (anions) which enhance levels of serotonin, neutralize free radicals, and relax your mind and body. After a MicroSilk® bath you will enjoy higher levels of relaxation which in turn can help you to sleep more soundly, especially if your bath is taken just before bed.

The Jason Difference

Jason Vivere® baths also are unique in that they offer many standard features that promise a more comfortable, quiet, and clean bathing experience.

As we age, our bodies get slower at detecting and fighting infection. We get sick faster and it takes longer to get over illnesses.[iv] With that in mind, one of the huge benefits of a Jason Bath is that they all feature Jason’s Sani-Design® technology, which incorporates a full spectrum of purity-enhancing components. Our antimicrobial plumbing and included maintenance free ozone system works automatically with the available MicroSilk® and Whirlpool hydrotherapies to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi, ensuring that you are enjoying the cleanest bathing experience possible. The addition of our innovative V-Drain™ whirlpool jet system also ensures maximum water drainage, further preventing the pooling of water in the antimicrobial tubing system.

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Another aspect that should be given special consideration when implementing your Smart Design renovations is accessibility.  On our walk in bath tubs we offer both in-swing and out-swing door options to accommodate any specific entry and egress needs. One in four Americans over the age of 65 fall each year, resulting in more than 2.8 million injuries treated in emergency rooms annually.[v] Because of this, we also included a dual angle stainless steel safety rail that provides extra stability for the bather as they enter and exit the bath. Safety and accessibility are key components of any successful Smart Design renovation, and our Walk-In tubs meet and exceed those needs.


Smart Design solutions are very practical for those entering their golden years or for those who have specific accessibility or mobility needs. We hope that this article helped to shed a bit of light on what Smart Design is and how a Jason Walk-In bath with MicroSilk® can benefit you as you are preparing for an independent future at home.

Happy bathing!


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