No-Tech Zone

No-Tech Zone


These days we're never more than an arm’s reach from either our phones or smart devices. While access to an abundance of information has its advantages, it also means that we never truly get to disconnect. The line between work and personal time has been blurred because our emails are accessible from our phones, and some of us even work from a home office remotely. The combination of these things makes it hard to separate your two lives. For this reason there are many that have begun to take periodic breaks from their technology. For some they might stow their phones in another room during family dinners, or for others they might turn their phones off or leave them in another room when they go to bed at night. 

There are so many different approaches you can take to relieve yourself from the sensory overload of today’s world. One article published in the New York Times written by Ruth La Ferla spoke of the trend of using bathing as a means to gain a reprieve from information overload, deeming it a 'gadget free zone.'

 I think bath time is a wonderful way to clear your mind and focus on you for a moment. One of the ways that can be accomplished is by making bathing a ritual! Turn off your phone; draw a warm bath and clear you mind while the tub fills. Take the time to lounge and enjoy your personal time with a glass of wine or that book you've been meaning to read. Your body will thank you for this. Stress is so detrimental both mentally and physically, so letting yourself unwind will work wonders for you in many ways. Additionally, there are many health benefits to taking a good long soak! The buoyancy helps to relieve the pressure on the joints while the heat from the water relaxes your muscles. If you're soaking in a MicroSilk® bath, the microbubbles pull out impurities from your skin and the anions you breathe in work to help your brain produce more serotonin.

Once you're finished bathing don't just rush out. Take a moment and gently blot off your skin with a towel or maybe even use a dry brush to exfoliate your skin and stimulate circulation. Dry brushing is a wonderful practice because it is said that it can also help the body to eliminate toxins.

Take a moment to disconnect, find a routine that works best for yourself but definitely consider the benefits of using bath time as your choice for technological reprieve. Your mind and body will thank you.

Happy Bathing!

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