A hot bath may help you sleep better!

A hot bath may help you sleep better!

A hot bath may help you sleep better!


It’s no secret that many people suffer from the inability to sleep. In fact, according to the CDC 1 in 3 adults in the US are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. There are many things that can contribute to sleep disorders, from poor diet, lack of exercise, or even just stress. No matter what the reason one thing is certain: people are always looking for ways to promote better sleep.

If this is you, have you thought about taking a warm bath before bed? A bath with warm water is the best way to increase your body temperature and relax both the mind and body. By heating your body up and then giving it time to cool off, you are signaling what is known as your body’s ‘circadian rhythm’-which controls our waking, sleeping and eating cycles-to begin to make you sleepier. By incorporating a warm bath into your nightly routine you may notice that you go to bed more relaxed, sleep better, and even wake up feeling more rejuvenated than you may on nights where you skip the bath.

Remember! Don’t take a hot bath right before jumping in bed to go to sleep because the sudden raise in body temperature can actually have a stimulating effect, raising the heartrate and energy levels. Instead, take some time and enjoy your bath. Also give yourself time to cool down afterwards and relax, maybe with a cool towel and a glass of water. By taking these steps you will put your body into a state of relaxation and you will sleep like a baby!

Happy bathing!


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